FIFA World Cup past winners

Here’s the complete list of past men’s FIFA World Cup winners. The highlighted texts reveal each city hosting the tournament and participating nations.

FIFA World Cup history is packed with legends teams, tournaments, and teams. The game is played every four years. The list of winners, the best players, and top goalscorers is a complete list of the footballing elite.

In 2018, France won the Cup, Harry Kane of England won the golden boot, and Luka Modric won the golden ball.

Here is the list of winners, runners-up, top players, and top goalscorers of every World Cup.

FIFA World Cup past winners

FIFA World Cup Winners

The most prestigious international soccer tournament is The FIFA World Cup for men. FIFA World Cup showcases the most prestigious international teams playing.

Football is often regarded as the sport with the highest popularity. The FIFA World Cup generates an enormous following each time it’s played each year.

France is the world champion after winning the last FIFA World Cup in 2018.

The forthcoming FIFA World Cup 2022, which will be held between November 18 and the 20th of December in Qatar, is the only winter World Cup in history designed to allow players to avoid the scorching temperatures in the summer months in Qatar. This is also the first FIFA World Cup to be played during the football club season.

FIFA, the world’s governing body for football, was established in 1904, and in 1904 it organized the first football match during the Antwerp 1920 Olympics, which was recognized as an inter-continental tournament.

This opened the way for the first FIFA World Cup to be held in 1930. Uruguay was the host for the occasion as they celebrated one hundred years since independence. Uruguay also won gold in 1924 as well as the 1928 Olympics.

FIFA World Cup Winners – Men [1930-2022]
Year FIFA World Cup Host Nations FIFA World Cup Winner Countries Runner Up Countries
1930 Uruguay Uruguay Argentina
1934 Italy Italy Czechoslovakia
1938 France Italy Hungary
1950 Brazil Uruguay Brazil
1954 Switzerland West Germany Hungary
1958 Sweden Brazil Sweden
1962 Chile Brazil Czechoslovakia
1966 England England West Germany
1970 Mexico Brazil Italy
1974 West Germany West Germany Netherlands
1978 Argentina Argentina Netherlands
1982 Spain Italy West Germany
1986 Mexico Argentina West Germany
1990 Italy West Germany Argentina
1994 USA Brazil Italy
1998 France France Brazil
2002 South Korea/Japan Brazil Germany
2006 Germany Italy France
2010 South Africa Spain Netherlands
2014 Brazil Germany Argentina
2018 Russia France Croatia

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